Wednesday, June 6, 2012

blog silence = productivity

I sewed nonstop over the Labor Day weekend.  So much so that I kinda forgot I should be sharing my fun stuff with the world.  Well, the dust has settled and I am now getting down to the business of blogging.

I made three skirts using the McCall's pattern M6567.  I love the long sweeping fishtail.  Two with ruffles and one without:
green cherry blossom festival
red with white, green, and pink dots from Ikea

blue Japanese collage I've had for years
A purple and white version of my go-to shirt pattern: New Look 6781.

Let's see, then there was the white Kona cotton pullover shirt using Simplicity 2365.

Oh yeah, and a cute little dress using the Lisette 2209 by Simplicity.

That brings us up to last week.  I got an idea for a dress of John's niece Lily.  We are horrible at getting presents to the kids on time so this is actually her late birthday present.  Ha.  Anyhow, I saw some cute little knot shoulder sundresses and decided since I hadn't drafted a clothing pattern in ages I would give it a go.  Most of my original designs of late have been bags, purses and toys.  I need to start flexing my clothes drafting muscles before they atrophy.  

I guessed at the general size from her age then set about figuring out common body dimensions, wearing ease and design ease.  I think this dress works.  It is a simple pullover empire waist design (or maybe untie a shoulder then pull it over) with plenty of swing in the skirt.  I made the bodice front and back do opposing dips just to be cute.  It is made out of a pink seersucker with small daisies.  And then I topped it off with three yo-yos studded with daisy buttons.  If it fits, she will be cute as can be.  If it doesn't, it will make a great dress for an over sized teddy bear. 

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