Sunday, July 22, 2012

Felt flower fun

I am really trying to keep busy with crafting as the summer winds down. I only have a few weeks before school starts back up and my free time disappears. Between working full time and taking a class, I fear the creative juices will be bottled and shelved for the season. I am trying to get in the habit of brainstorming a craft for the day first thing in the morning. Some days I am just too pooped after work to act on my ideas. Others, time will simply get away from me. So, there I sat Sunday night and without having created much more than a to-do list on the craft front. I decided to try my hand at a felt flower headband while watching my Masterpiece Mystery. I enjoyed both.

Last time my friend Tracey and I were at the mall, she said she wanted a red flower for her hair. We saw a few and the were just not attractive. No one looks pretty with a plastic flower straight off a cheap dinner's table in their hair. So I told her I would whip one up.

I made this first attempt from beige felt with some great white elastic lace for the band. It isn't too bunchy or too springy, just the right amount stretch to stay put while being pretty peeking through the hair. Now I just need to crank the red one out. The only difference will be black elastic lace for that band.

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