Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The other week I found these great little eco-friendly, vegetable matter decorative pots on super sale. I love craft store coupons. Finally got around to creating cute cactus pin cushion last night, complete with one of those dried flowers on top.
Tonight I made another one. It is a hen and chicks succulent. So fun. I love these little plants and had to try my hand at it. I didn't sketch it out or make templates as I should have done. Just sorta went with it. 
One side is a little fuller than the other, but I think he came out nicely considering there was no forethought in the design. Think I will whip stitch the tips with purple for that extra touch. One of the things I love about the hen and chicks is the color combo.   
Here is a group photo. The pots are nice and heavy since I filled them with sand. They should work great around the sewing machines. I need to design a similar stable base for my gnome mascot. He is great now (machine washable, etc.), but could use some sort of junk in his trunk to help stand up to the cats.  

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